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  • Mr S D Nair
    Managing Director

Mr S D Nair, Managing Director - Qatar Rubber Industries Co WLL Doha. Mr S D Nair, Managing Director, Qatar Rubber Industries Co., is a self-made businessman whose achievements testify to the power of determination and diligence. Mr S D Nair has been at the helm of Qatar Rubber Industries Co. since 2010. Since then the company has been progressing towards being one of the leading sources of rubber products across the GCC. With so many years of experience in running rubber technology business back in India, he started his entrepreneurial journey in the GCC in the year 1998. Mr. S D Nair's exemplary vision, hard work and commitment along with technical expertise in the field always steered his businesses to a higher level. A self made entrepreneur, Mr S. D. Nair came to Qatar year back to do the business. It is his strong passion to excel in business which has made him a versatile and an innovative entrepreneur who is running multi-faceted business ventures both in India and the GCC. A dynamic entrepreneur turned environmentalist, Mr S.D. Nair is credited for spearheading the company to greater heights. Apart from a resourceful leader, Mr Nair is a great humanitarian, who has been extending a helping hand to many people to move forward in their lives. Business excellence blended with social responsibility is what made him into the personality he is today.

Qatar Rubber Industries is a professionally managed manufacturer of Rubber Products since 2003. QRI have well trained and skilled staff. Gradually, after more than a decade since its inception, our company became one of the leading source/manufacturing of Rubber products in the state of Qatar. QRI is leading in various fields of Rubber applications. We uses the latest technology and quality products backed up by the expertise of vastly experienced and qualified technologist and the dynamic vision of management..

QRI is a Limited Liability company with multinational presence in UAE, OMAN and INDIA managed by the exemplary visionary Mr. S.D NAIR, Managing Director who steered QRI to a higher level when he was at the helm of the organization in 2010. An entrepreneur in GCC from 1998 with his passion and exemplary vision towards Rubber Industries, he initiated to take over Rubber Industries as he felt the need for the region. First time in Qatar he introduced Silicon and Polyurethane components for the vast Qatari market. The aim is not only to serve the Qatari and GCC market but to export worldwide too. He plans to develop QRI to the highest level in the region and make it a one stop shop for all the rubber needs.

QRI manufacture/produce/repair Rubber Molded Components, Rollers for industries and printing press, Parking Accessories such as Parking Bumpers, Corner Guards, Wall Guards, Wall Mounting and Speed Breakers etc available in SBR and EPDM material. Conveyor Belts and rollers, Rubber Clamps and Rubber Pads for Forklifts and Cranes, Solid Tires for trolleys, Couplings for Motors and Generators – are a few to name.

Roller rubberizing

At Qatar Rubber Industries Co, we work on unique products.

Check out our recent work- rubberrizing of a road roller.

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